Back by popular demand!


Fed up of paying postage every time you order?

It’s simple, open a Top Up Box!

Here’s how it works:

Pay for postage on your first order, and leave a note to say you would like to open a top up box

I hold on to the order for now!

Every order from then on, use the code: topmeup

This will remove the postage cost

I will put all your orders into one box

Each Top-Up Box can accommodate 2kg of wax.

Once your box reaches this weight, I will contact you to ask if you want to pay an extra £2 for unlimited weight, or to close the box so it gets shipped.

When you place your last order want to to close the box, leave a note at checkout to say you would like to close it

Your top up box will then be shipped within the standard 3-5 working day period.


More wax – less postage!!


Terms and Conditions: 

If you use the code at checkout and you do not have an open top-up box, your order will be cancelled and refunded.

All closed boxes are shipped within 3 working days of being closed.