Scent Descriptions can be found on each product page, but here is a complete list

Scent Descriptions 

The Mood Booster

Citrus fruits and a vanilla sugar blend provide an uplifting scent, topped off with a hint of fizzy. 

The Insomnia Destroyer 

Say goodbye to sleepless nights with this dupe blend of lavender and tonka that might having you thinking about some sparkly vampires…

 The Cold Killer 

Stuffy nose, be gone! Kill that cold with the helping hand of menthol and eucalyptus. Please don’t rub this on your chest!

The Jammy Rose 

It’s jammy. It’s rosey. It’s your favourite bath dupe. 

The Icing And The Cake

No one can be sad when there’s cake. Freshly baked birthday cake with buttercream and rainbow sprinkles. A bakery classic. 

The Berry Comfortable Lily 

Just like your favourite fabric softener, this fragrance features strawberries and lilies, on a bed of jasmine and vanilla

The Fighting Frenchman 

Reminiscent of Lafayette’s guns and ships. This ocean and sea spray fragrance is mixed with a little cedar, musk, amber, and a little pinch of the black tea that started that war. 

The Knee Breaker 

A mix of all the fruits you gather to stop Nooky Boy from busting your kneecaps! Cherry, peach, pear, orange and apple on a bed of vanilla, with a floral undertone.

The Winter Spirit

Dupe of a certain snowy fairy fragrance from that bath shop we all know and love

The Bee’s Knees

A rich blend of cashmere and musk, supported by notes of vanilla, amber, and precious woods.

The Watermelon Fizzer

A fresh and fruity blend of watermelon, supported by notes of peach, strawberry, and lime. A floral undertone, finished with a slight hint of fizz. Similar to a bath and body product.

The Cosy Christmas

A scent that just screams Christmas. Juicy mandarin, orange and grapefruit with a heart of cinnamon, warming clove, and winter fruits, all on a creamy vanilla base.

The Lemon Zinger

A sweet lemon marshmallow buttercream scent with supporting notes of sweet sugar and powdery vanilla.

The Comfort Blanket

Blackcurrant and black grape, mixed with a comforting blend of cherry and raspberry. Dupe of a very comforting bath and body product.

The Magic Estate Agent

Grab yourself a mug of Magic Beer and seat yourself in the Great Hall before that talking hat tells you what kind of house you’ll be buying 😉

(butter beer scent – caramelly!)

The Sunday Morning

Easy like a Sunday Morning – a fresh linen scent with clean floral notes of white lily and cotton blossom. Hints of ozone, and a base of sandal iris and soft musks.

The Gumdrop Buttons

Rich, spiced gingerbread with a hint of vanilla buttercream and all the gumdrop buttons lil Gingey could ever need.

The Snow Cookies

Deliciously sweet pink iced Christmas cookies, with notes of fluffy marshmallow, nutmeg, sweet buttercream and warm cinnamon. Dupe of Snowflake Cookie by YC

The Mad Are All Here

You’re late for this very sweet Tea Party! Sponge cakes, whipped cream, sweet jam, a table full of goodies awaits you.

The Suds Shop

When you walk past that certain bath and body products shop, and it just smells of everything that encompasses the store! Dupe of 29 High Street

The Blueberry Stack

Super fluffy, sweet blueberry pancakes with whipped cream on top.

The Date Night

Floral fragrance opening with juicy fruity notes of peach, Sicilian lemon, mandarin and red berries. Followed by a heart of jasmine, magnolia blooms, rose, ylang ylang, and peony. Resting on a base of amber and pillowsoft musks.

The Coffee Club

Rick, dark coffee fragrance, swirled with a subtly sweet caramel.

The Festive Bakes

Vanilla and almond buttery biscuits, roasted coconut and a hitn of orange chocolate. The smells of a kitchen after a day of festive baking.

The Main Street Treat

Take a stroll down Main Street and visit a bakery for one of the iconic Cinnamon Buns. Warm vanilla buns swirled with cinnamon sugar.

The Spiced Berry

Christmassy cranberry and spiced orange

The Six Plus

Sweet and fruity, this fragrance has notes of raspberry, strawberry and orange, with a hint of floral violet and heliotrope. All supported by a vanilla base. Smells like a certain medicine for kids.

The Wilderness Explorer

Adventure is out there! A fruity fragrance with top notes of ylang ylang, jasmine and sweet orange. A heart of peach, coconut, hibiscus, and rose, settling on a base of sandalwood, amber and musk.

The Candy Cane Lane

Cool and sweet peppermint, with a hint of vanilla.

The King’s Son

A Purple Rain cocktail all rolled into a fragrance – refreshing citrus, notes of lemon juice, lime juice, cranberry, combined with vodka, orange liqueur, and a touch of sugar.

The Rainy Day

Fresh and florally, opening with crisp green leaves and earthy aquatic notes. Curl up with a good book and listen to the rain falling outside.

The Mermaid’s Tale

A sweet fruity accord with notes of strawberry, peach, raspberry and rhubarb, with a hint of green leaf, followed by a touch of florality, all resting on a base of vanilla.

The Fairy Dust

A magical fairy sprinkles her fairy dust on you, scents of sherbet, raspberry marshmallow and candyfloss surround you. With a base of woods, vanilla and caramel.