Scent Descriptions can be found on each product page, but here is a complete list


Scent Descriptions 

The Berry Comfortable Lily: Fruit top notes surround this strawberry and lily fragrance, enriched on a vanilla base with gardenia, violet and jasmine – Comfort Strawberry & Lily Dupe

The Mood Booster: A base of juicy lemon and lime with a splash of sweet orange, strawberry and raspberry, followed by a gentle fizzy sherbet – Perfect for lifting low mood

The Insomnia Destroyer: Never count sheep again! Lavender and Tonka balanced together to send you off to slumber. Dupe of a very well known shower gel/lotion/bath bomb

The Icing And The Cake: All things birthday cake – rich vanilla and icing

The Jammy Rose: A sweet strawberry jam with notes of rose – Lush Rose Jam Dupe

The Unicorn’s Dinner: A delightfully sweet blend of juicy orange, ripe berries and tangerines, with a sugary vanilla base

The Coffee Club: Take a seat at one of the local coffee shops. Their in-house roasted coffee blend contains notes of buttery caramel and just a hint of vanilla

The Darkest Night: A sweet and comforting fragrance to remind you of late night strolls along the River Deben. Delicate florals are accompanied by vanilla, a hint of peach, sweet lemon, ylang ylang and soft musks – Ghost Deep Night Dupe

The Magic Estate Agent: A rich buttery caramel scent – Butter Beer fragrance

The Cold Killer: Perfect for shifting that rotten head cold! Vapour rub dupe

The Totally Tropical: Grapefruit, supported by top notes of lemon, orange and lime, supported by a heart of pineapple – Lilt dupe

The Raspberry Rays: Sun ripened raspberries with a hint of sunshine!

The Freshest Fairy: Very similar to a well known floral washing powder. A floral, powdery fragrance, with hints of rose, lily, violet and jasmine, on a base of soft woods and sweet musk

The Salted Caramel: Creamy toffee caramel with brown sugar, velvety vanilla, a pinch of salt, supported by amberwood and musk

The Chocolate Planet: Gooey caramel and super-soft nougat dipped in milk chocolate

The Mermaid’s Tale: Berries and citrus blended with a sugary sweetness and a touch of vanilla

The Not In Yoga: Do you like Pina Coladas?

The Fruity Fizz: Lime, pineapple, lemon and orange mixed with a hint of fizziness. Topped off with a little gardenia and rose, plus a subtle vanilla base. Reminds you of popping candy or other fizzy sweets

The Strawberry Loaf: Sweet strawberry bread with fresh strawberries and a hint of vanilla

The Jammy Evader: Sweet little jammy biscuits – the ones with the heart in!

The Mallow Mattress: Super fluffy marshmallow whipped up on a bed of soft sugar. Like a cloud for your nose!

The Far Out Lavender: The top notes of beautiful Lavender and middle fizzy notes will definitely grab your attention! This awesome blend consists of Sea Salt, Pink Grapefruit, California Lemon, Clary Sage, Lavender Fields, Sea Grass Siberian Fir, Amber Woods, Tonka Bean.

The King’s Son: Purple Rain, Purple Raiiiiiiin! A refreshing citrus, fruity cocktail accord with notes of lemon juice, lime juice and cranberry combined with alcoholic nuances of vodka and orange liqueur and a touch of sugar.

The Purple Taffy: Sweet and sour grape taffy

The Blueberry Bake: Blueberry Cobbler, baked in the oven just like mama used to

The Sleepy Ghost: Dream inducing lavender surrounded by wafts of sweet and gentle marshmallow

The Bug In A Rug: This fragrance will make you feel all snuggly. A dupe of a well known winter only bath product, it smells of spices and rich, creamy fudge

The Drunken Sailor: Strawberry and Lime Cider

The Mixed Up Fruit: Smells just like your favourite mixed berry squash

The Butterfly Gardens: Dupe of Zoflora Country Garden

The Candy Bubbler: Super sweet bubblegum, with notes of fruits and sugar

The Mermaid’s Bath: If mermaids had baths, it would smell like this! Dupe of a popular shops signature scent – smells like walking into the store

The Winter Spirit: Dupe of a well known christmas shower gel and bath product. Smells like candy floss and pear drops, with a hint of mint