Scent Descriptions can be found on each product page, but here is a complete list

Scent Descriptions 

The Mood Booster

Citrus fruits and a vanilla sugar blend provide an uplifting scent, topped off with a hint of fizzy. 

The Insomnia Destroyer 

Say goodbye to sleepless nights with this dupe blend of lavender and tonka that might having you thinking about some sparkly vampires…

 The Cold Killer 

Stuffy nose, be gone! Kill that cold with the helping hand of menthol and eucalyptus. Please don’t rub this on your chest!

The Jammy Rose 

It’s jammy. It’s rosey. It’s your favourite bath dupe. 

The Icing And The Cake

No one can be sad when there’s cake. Freshly baked birthday cake with buttercream and rainbow sprinkles. A bakery classic. 

The Berry Comfortable Lily 

Just like your favourite fabric softener, this fragrance features strawberries and lilies, on a bed of jasmine and vanilla

The Fighting Frenchman 

Reminiscent of Lafayette’s guns and ships. This ocean and sea spray fragrance is mixed with a little cedar, musk, amber, and a little pinch of the black tea that started that war. 

The Knee Breaker 

A mix of all the fruits you gather to stop Nooky Boy from busting your kneecaps! Cherry, peach, pear, orange and apple on a bed of vanilla, with a floral undertone.